Welcome to my academic website! I am a graduate student in political science at the University of Michigan. Previously, I attended Brown University, where I earned my master’s degree.

A central question motivates my research: How are intergroup attitudes relevant to political behavior? I phrase the question this way for two reasons. First, I phrase it broadly because my current and proposed research examines issues related to intergroup attitudes in three domains of behavior: public opinion, political psychology, and political communication. Second, I use the term “intergroup” to reflect my interest in researching racial and ethnic attitudes, as well as partisanship as a social identity that influences non-political interactions. I research these issues in American and comparative politics.

My curriculum vitae and current research can be found under the corresponding headings above. A PDF copy of my CV is available for download here. You can also read a bit more about me—say, if you really want to know how baseball brought me to graduate school.

I welcome all correspondence at newburg@umich.edu.